Living With Flowers Every Day

Living With Flowers Every Day

Infusing beauty to everyday space. Enriching lives with nature's grace.

Aoyama Flower Market was born in 1989 in Tokyo's Aoyama neighbourhood. With its concept of Living with Flowers Every Day, the company promotes a lifestyle emphasising well-being through surrounding oneself with flowers and touches of greenery.

Since its beginning, around one hundred stores have opened in Japan. Paris welcomed its first store in 2015.

The London store has opened in Selfridges in May 2018, so that Londoners can treat themselves and their loved ones and brighten up their lives with fresh flowers infused with Japanese poetry and creativity.

Living with Flowers Every Day

“Living With Flowers Every Day” is a motto reflecting our belief that has given Aoyama Flower Market direction and focus since our establishment in 1989.

We have long realized how flowers are often associated only with special occasions and we aim to change this view. Whether painted in art, written into poetry, worn or given in a bunch, flowers are deeply rooted in us.

As encapsulated in this motto, we seek to re-introduce flowers and plants to be incorporated in everyday life—like they were meant to be.

We believe that living side by side with fresh flowers and luscious greens will enrich and revitalize every moment of your life.

Japan & Flowers

Flowers and nature are central to the culture of Japanese people. Looking at flowers, enjoying their transient blossoms and celebrating the blooming seasons of different flowers are favourite activities in Japan.

Respecting the rhythm of the seasons and being in harmony with nature is central to the Japanese way of life.

Each flower is delicately highlighted during its ephemeral blossom, like the cherry blossom (the famous “sakura”), which is feted every spring during the season of the "hanami" flower-viewing parties.

Bouquets containing a single species of flowers are especially appreciated since they can showcase a flower's personality.