Living With Flowers Every Day

Bonkei & Plants

Plant new sprouts of goodness in your life. Keep close to nature's heart.


We at Aoyama Flower Market believe that each plant that has ever sprouted from this good earth exists for a virtuous reason.

Our curated collection of plants is the realization of our belief that human and nature should live alongside one another and coexist in harmony.

Take one of our plants home and let it enliven your surroundings with the goodness of nature.

LARGE HOUSE PLANTS available in London

If you are looking for large and tall house plants (~4m), we are able to suggest and source unique plants that suit your preference.

Contact us by email or WhatsApp 07956093699, we are able to share what's available in each season.


Our soothing Bonkei collections are composed of soil, sand, stone, and various vegetations—all sophistically arranged with a Japanese touch to capture the essence of calming and breathtaking sceneries of nature in its purest form.

This collection is aimed to instill serenity into your everyday space, be it your home or your office.