Today's Flower

"Flower of the day" is available in our store every day. We will propose the most recommended seasonal flowers on that particular day with the wish of enabling customers to feel the freshness of each season.
With our flower of the day, we propose a range of flower selections to create your own bouquet.

Aoyama Flower Market would like to share its unique vision of contemporary Japanese floristry and promote a satisfying lifestyle embellished by the presence of its flowers and greenery.

Whether it's cherry blossoms announcing the arrival of spring, peonies inviting us to enjoy some rain, or sunflowers signifying summer, "Today's Flower", our daily recommendation, is displayed prominently in the front of the shop so people feel the seasonal changes as they pass by.

The fresh flowers are displayed as they would be in a street market. Flowers can be purchased individually, or as a bouquet - just as you can buy individual ingredients, or purchase ready dishes at a delicatessen. We also provide leafy greens and branches to balance the bouquet and provide contrast.